How We Work

Stage 1 – The Creative Brief
Typically, we are appointed at the planning stage as this allows our designer to be involved from the outset of the project with architect and client, to formulate a creative brief. This allows us to input ideas and experience into key aspects including: location and scale, client’s vision, logistical practicalities, aesthetics, budgets and timings. We work on a fee basis; either on retainer for the project, or if a smaller project on a fixed fee for the overall scope of works and agreed with the client on commencement of the design. We only use approved and proven suppliers that provide quality and good client service.

Stage 2 – Presentation of the creative design and proposals
Your appointed senior designer will present a creative proposal encompassing layouts, overall ‘look and feel’ with mood boards, space planning, finishes and illustrative costs. This stage clarifies expectations, ensures clarity for project management and establishes a budgetary framework.

Stage 3 – Finalising the design
This stage confirms the purchasing of all the design elements involved, and allows the designer and client to refine in detail all aspects prior to implementation. The designer will present a complete breakdown of costs and once approved, will ask the client to sign off a scope of work document, including final budget allocation. Once signed, we request down-payment to cover agreed costs of all products required for the approved design prior to ordering. At the time of placing the order we are committed to our suppliers, so from this point, this money is non-refundable.

Stage 4 – Installation and project management
Your designer will project manage the installation through to completion, ensuring all products are quality inspected and installed as per the approved design. Upon completion, your designer will present a completion of works statement for final sign-off and officially hand over any literature or other relevant information relating to the installation.